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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a massive sweet tooth. Growing up, the candy I used to love just wasn’t cutting it anymore and my sweet tooth took a massive toll when shifting to a more conscious and organic lifestyle.

I was missing a candy with ingredients to love, flavours to crave, and with zero of the unwanted artificial nonsense. Fed up with the bland and limited candy section, I embarked on a journey to produce my own plant based organic candy for all like minded sweet tooth lovers out there.

Josefin Deckel


We're obsessed with making damn good candy

We’re proud to offer the only organic and vegan candy made in Sweden. Our mission is to make super tasty, perfectly chewy and eco friendly gummy goodness that will have you reaching for just one more.

Whether you’re a flexitarian, vegan or just awesome – JOM is the new way to eat candy while making mama earth happy too.

big flavours come in small batches

We like to think about flavour a bit like we do about life. Some days we go for classic and comfortable, and other days we fancy fresh and exciting. Bottom line is, we love punchy mash-up combinations of sweet and sour!

Our recipes have been carefully developed to bring excitement to every bite. We are dedicated to quality and high standards by using small-batch manufacturing methods which means we keep testing and tweaking each production to make sure we deliver consistently delicious bags of JOM.

From Sweden with love

In sweden we take our candy serious. In fact, our candy consumption is a part of our culture. We grew up with the tradition of “lördagsgodis” meaning “Saturday Candy”. It’s the day of the week when children and adults alike go mad over their favourite sweet treat. We’re proud of taking Swedish tradition of making candy to the next level by introducing the first ever Swedish produced organic candy to the market.