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FREquently asked questions

about our candy

Absolutely, all our candy is certified organic.

100% yes! All our flavours are certified with the Vegan Society. This means that when you choose JOM, you are guaranteed a candy without any traces of animal substances.

Yes! All our candy is gluten free. We run an analysis test at the start of each production to ensure there is not traces of gluten in our gummies.

Absolutely! Our candy does not contain any traces of nuts or peanuts.

Definitely, we don’t use any palm oil in our candy.

We use organic corn starch as gelling agent in our gummies.

We use organic cane sugar and organic invert sugar syrup to sweeten our gummies.

No, JOM is free from any allergens. All our flavours are free from any of the major 14 food allergens listed by the EU. 

Your empty JOM bag is sorted as soft plastic and the display box is sorted as paper.

about JOM

JOM is short for Just One More. Basically, our gummies are so delicious it’s impossible not to reach for just one more.

JOM is one of a kind! Our production technique and recipes have been carefully developed to give you a unique candy experience from clean organic and vegan ingredients.

We produce all our candy in our factory in Sweden.

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